It proved a point. The point was, you said that there was no such thing, then 
turned right around and gave it a name with the complete realization that the 
problem exists, and where.

Again, this is a valid licensing concern, do not turn it into a pro- or con- 
ActiveState rant. My intention in using "Company X" is to not turn the 
licensing issue into a public brawl. If AS can do it, anybody can. As I recall, 
Microsoft is taking more than a casual interest in this language, and it isn't 
as well protected as Java was. In fact, Microsoft is investing substantial 
funds into this free software, contrary to its publically admitted goals 
(remember Halloween). Is it paranoia or prudence to seek to protect this 
language from a company who is laughing at the 70+ anti-trust lawsuits against 
it, copyright infringements, and outright theft? It's isn't just a possibility 
that this potential threat could become a reality, it's a clear deduction based 
on reading the newspaper and court transcripts. Since Perl is ASP's and VBS's 
most powerful enemy, what possible reason would Microsoft have for spending 
millions in the Perl sphere? The benefit of customers? Muahahaha.

The issue remains, if it's perl, it's redistributable. If it isn't 
redistributable, it isn't perl. You can't take my baby and claim he's yours 
just because you slightly alter his name and change his hair color. Please 
address the issue only.

On Monday, September 25, 2000 11:53 AM, Chris Nandor [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] 
> At 11:28 -0500 2000.09.25, David Grove wrote:
> >You think my "company X" is ActiveState?
> It always is.
> >Evidently you've recognized a problem
> >area that I may not have seen before
> But you HAVE seen it before.  You've specifically discussed this apparent
> problem on many occassions.  Please do not be disingenous about this.  I
> refuse to continue a discussion where someone is lying to me and the other
> people reading the discussion.
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