Simon Cozens wrote:
>On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 01:22:53PM -0400, Ben Tilly wrote:
> > As soon as you get many implementations, you start to get into
> > the portability nightmare.
>Not at all! That's what the solid reference doc's for. Evidently we 
>on how solid it should be. :)


I have faith in Murphy.  Something will be missed in the spec.
Attempted implementations will make mistakes as well.  The
result will be some level of portability issues even if all
have good faith.  (I have no confidence that any Perl port to
C# done by Microsoft will be done entirely in good faith.  But
that is another issue.)

>Someone implementing an interpreter for the perl 6 spec is a huge vote of
>confidence in us.

Depends who that someone is.  It might just be a 3 week project
investigating theories of how reusable components can speed up
development time. :-)

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