David Grove wrote:

> >        (b) ensure that the installation of Your non-source Modified Version
> >            does not conflict in any way with an installation of the Standard
> >            Version, include for each program installed by the Modified
> >            Version clear documentation describing how it differs from the
> >            Standard Version, and rename your Modified Version so that the
> >            name is substantially different from the Standard Version.
> how about, rather than "conflict in any way with an", using "in any way 
> preclude the"?

> I don't know, it just doesn't feel like the holes are closed. How do we
> let people "nab it and do good things with it", but prohibit people from
> "nabbing it and doing bad things with it"?

> Straight out, is it possible to accomplish this goal and still please OSS reqs?

This isn't something a open source and free software license can do very
easily.  The furthest you can go is the GPL, which is too far for our
community.  The Artistic License 2.0 plus the trademark is an attempt to go
as far as we can and still permit proprietary software versions of Perl, as
long as they are called FooPerl.

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