> You know having you not have a clue who you are talking to
 > is getting really annoying.  Hello David, my name is Ben
 > Tilly.  I am the guy who flamed Tom Christiansen on p5p


 > In any case if you want action on that it is better to
 > start by saying that and not take threads that are at
 > best tangential to what you want to talk about and try
 > to make them out to be about your issues.

You're right of course. I'm lumping a whole lot of things into one email.
Almost none of this targeted you directly, Ben, and I'm sorry if it
appeared so: I should have found a way to make that more clear. I've sat
for a couple weeks very quietly and watched the conversations, and I sort
of popped when I saw the words "where are all these people you're talking
about". I do talk with John from time to time and I have some ideas of
where he's coming from, but he's a bit hard to understand sometimes (but
it's good stuff, John).

Who I'm speaking to is the people who think the Perl license scheme is
"fine as it is", since it rather obviously isn't. Not only is the combined
license "swiss cheese", there doesn't seem to be much interest in
protecting the language from corruption in the first place. That's two
problems at once, the latter making the former irrelevant.

Yes, I recognize you. You've done some good fighting for the right
reasons, and I hope you keep it up.

tangent: {
BTW, on debian.org, there's an essay that says that they are currently
"using" the linux kernel until a totally GNU one is created. I've been
doing some homework while watching these posts. (Which is also why I now
understand why I could never completely back the FSF/GNU Project... they's
a bit lopsided in the cranial cavity...) I'll give you a link if you want
but it's right off the main page. And you're right, I don't think that
many Debian users realize this, or share this fanaticism.


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