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> BTW, on debian.org, there's an essay that says that they are currently
> "using" the linux kernel until a totally GNU one is created. I've been
> doing some homework while watching these posts. (Which is also why I now
> understand why I could never completely back the FSF/GNU
> Project... they's a bit lopsided in the cranial cavity...) I'll give you
> a link if you want but it's right off the main page. And you're right, I
> don't think that many Debian users realize this, or share this
> fanaticism.

Perl, by the *explicit* intention of Larry, sits at a very nice crossroads
between three active communities; those who use the GPL and agree with the
general goals of the FSF, those who prefer software to be as free as
possible and usually use the BSD or X license, and those who write
proprietary software.  All three of those groups meet and work and help
each other with Perl, which I think is a wonderful and important thing.  I
think it should be the first goal of this working group to preserve that
balance regardless of the license chosen, so that all these people who are
currently working together can continue to do so.

I for one would really appreciate it if you'd bear that in mind when for
some reason or another you feel like throwing insults at one of those
separate components of our shared community, such as the above
parenthetical comment or your earlier statement calling the positions of
the "GNU/Debian leaders" "fanatical."  If you're attempting to be
persuasive, you may want to bear in mind that I'm pretty close to refusing
to read anything else you write on any topic, and it wouldn't surprise me
if other people are starting to get similar ideas.

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