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> I don't know if the Preamble I wrote if perfect, because I got very
> little feedback on it, and all the RFCs this group submitted.  Those
> last two weeks before RFC's were due, the traffic on this list was
> basically dead, except for me posting revisions of RFCs.  I hope that I
> properly caught the spirit of the consensus properly, but without
> feedback, that was a hard job.

Yeah, and I apologize for my part of that.  I tend to end up with very
bursty periods of time to spend thinking about particular things, and they
often don't line up with schedules very well.

I think you did quite a good job; I expect the issue to come back up again
when Larry's had a chance to look over the proposals and we'll have a few
more chances to clarify and talk it through.

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