Adam Turoff wrote:
> A handful of long overdue updates to have been made:
>   - All RFCs are now maintained in both POD and HTML.
>     HTML conversion is courtesy of pod2html.
>   - More detailed summaries of all RFCs are available, organized by
>     RFC number and working group.  See
>     and
>   - Detailed views associate non-developing RFCs by color:
>     - Retracted/Withdrawn/Retired RFCs are in pink.
>     - Frozen RFCs are blueish.
>     - RFCs with no explicit status are identified as "[Developing]".
> NB: Retratcted/etc. denotes that the maintainer has removed an RFC for
>     consideration for one reason or another.  Frozen denotes that the
>     issue raised by this RFC has been discussed fully and there appears
>     to be nothing more to say on the topic; it does not imply acceptance,
>     rejection or a concensus view on the RFC.
> Comments, criticisms, etc. welcome.
> Updates to are scheduled for later this week.
> Z.

Can you put a legend explaining the color code on  the pages where the
colors are used?
David Corbin            
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