On Thu, Aug 31, 2000 at 07:08:38PM +1100, iain truskett wrote:
> * Adam Turoff ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [31 Aug 2000 17:41]:
> > A handful of long overdue updates to http://dev.perl.org/rfc have been made:
> [...]
> >   - More detailed summaries of all RFCs are available, organized by
> >     RFC number and working group.  See http://dev.perl.org/rfc/by-number.html
> >     and http://dev.perl.org/rfc/by-group.html
> Perhaps have by-date.html as well? [sorted by date of last submission
> --- most recent at top]

Not today.  There is no standard date format for RFCs yet, and I don't
want to start hacking around with Date::Parse or Date::Calc just yet.

What would you want to see there?  The RFCs are numbered in chronological
order already.  Do you want to see the RFCs sorted in terms of
what was most recently posted or updated?


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