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> I picture the design process ending with a breakdown into modules, and
> then a codification of the interfaces between the modules.  Then we stub
> the modules, get something that passes the compiler.  Now we turn to
> implementation, and begin filling in the gaps.  The
> build-test-and-report cycles of Mozilla are good in this respect:
> immediate and useful feedback about the state of the source tree.

I also think this may well be a good place to apply one of the ideas of XP
(Extreme Programming, a fairly flexible small-group software design
methodology), namely to write test cases *first* in many cases before
writing the code, and to seriously consider trying to write unit tests for
pretty much every bit of code that you write.

I've started doing this for INN (although I don't normally write the test
cases first), and it makes me a *lot* more confident about code that I
check in.

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