Michael G Schwern writes:
> There's one solution, now that we have a nifty source control stuff.
> Branch like mad!  Feature creep should be discouraged, but if a group
> wants to go off and work on something which isn't going to make it
> into the next release they can branch and play.

That division of effort scares me.  It's an interesting concept, that
manpower might be infinite in the Open Source World, but I'd rather
everyone agreed to stick to implementing what is in the design as a
first priority.

Adding a new feature would require documentation, test cases, and
analysis of how the feature fits in with the umpty-zillion other
features in Perl, not just code.  I figure the lead coder can look
at progress, look at the new feature, and decide whether it's worth
it on a case by case basis.

But I am cool to the idea that we should lose good coders to
potentially bad ideas.  Explore those ideas later, get perl6 working


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