At 11:49 AM 9/7/00 -0400, Bennett Todd wrote:
>2000-09-06-10:51:35 Dan Sugalski:
> > >Finally, most free software and open source projects have
> > >standardized on CVS. Do we really have a compelling reason to go
> > >against the standard?
> >
> > Perl 5 uses perforce, [...]
>I thought one of the primary motivations for this investment of time
>and effort here on the perl6-* lists was the problem that far too
>few people can contribute to perl5 development.

Perl 5's development issues have nothing to do with the code 
repository--given how many branches are active, perforce seems to be a win. 
The problems perl 5 has are almost entirely due to a code base that has 
reached past the end of its useful life. Perl 6 development is open to 
anyone with perl source, a text editor, a compiler and a copy of diff. (And 
for good code I'll generate the fscking diffs myself if I can get a copy of 
the changed source) *Nobody* needs *any* repository tools to play this 
game. Period.


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