Michael G Schwern writes:
> Its not entirely clear if you're advocating we wait for this Perforce
> replacement before instituting a cannoical Perl 6 repository, or just
> mentioning it.

Mentioning it, and I had been opening discussion on instituting it.

> If its the former, then as a rule of thumb when working on a large
> project its best to remove as much unnecesarry uncertainty as
> possible.  Using a freshly built Perforce/CVS replacement for Perl6
> seems like alot of unnecessary uncertainty.

True.  We're still a ways off needing a place to put code (a question
for those who have done this before: do these source code control
systems work equally well for the design and test documents too, or
do they have revision and display needs beyond CVS and friends?), so
I'm happy to watch Simon and see what he produces.

But the novelty of perlforce will count against it, you are right.

> Sourceforge worries me a bit.  Not having direct access to a CVS
> repository can be very limiting, and I've found their response times
> to administrative requests to be slow (in some cases I've never gotten
> a response).  Perhaps we could petition them for ssh access to our CVS
> repositories.

In theory we have at least two channels into the VA Linux hierarchy:
Chip Salzenberg, and Kirrily Robert.  In theory.


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