>>>>> "NT" == Nathan Torkington <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

NT> Chaim Frenkel writes:
>> Would it be worthwhile to 'waste' some time on writing caller and callee
>> stubs? This would flesh out the final api and give the module writers
>> something of an environment to work with?

NT> Yes, I'm appalled I forgot this.  It's part of what I've been thinking
NT> about.

NT> By having stubs, we get something that compiles (even if it doesn't
NT> run).  Then we can have regular builds from the get-go, so we can go
NT> through the development process with all the systems in place from
NT> the start.

It actually does more, you can have hooks into the stub to control
success and failure. And it forces the module designer to think about
what is going on and its use while building it.

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