On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Steve Fink wrote:
> Alan Burlison wrote:
> > Having done so I have been very happy to see the wide consensus
> > that seems to be appearing.
> Huh? I'd say quite the opposite. I expected more. There are many, many
> people who use perl. Anybody who uses anything will come up with ways to
> improve it (though many improvements aren't.) 


> The noise in discussions is harder. I don't mind it much, though,
> since I scan the author names and skip discussions that aren't
> inherently interesting and don't contain people I recognize and
> respect.

You'd be happier if more people (more unknowns, as it were, as most of
the established community is here already) had more things to say, but
you'll filter out discussions by people you don't recognize?

(I understood your point. This was just an interesting way of
presenting it.) 

Bryan C. Warnock

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