* Daniel Chetlin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [29 Sep 2000 14:10]:

> My RFC is predicated on the notion that perl5 will look enough like
> perl6 that we won't have to rewrite all of the docs, and thus there's
> plenty to be done as of now. With all of these people flurrying about
> in excitement about the "community rewrite", it seems to me that
> harnessing their interest for something other than talking would be
> good.

In which case it may be more profitable to organise the document working
group independently from the perl6 business.

What I mean is: have a general [EMAIL PROTECTED] type list (my memory
is failing me in its attempts to recollect whether we have an
appropriate list at present) and start work on perl5 stuff now.

Work on perl6 stuff as it comes.

In other words: I believe this RFC should be withdrawn from being a
Perl6 RFC and changed to being a general Perl community RFC.

Find out who is in charge of the current documentation and work with

(Oh, and yes, I did miss the RFC on its release.)

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