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>Carlos Ramirez wrote:
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> > Here's a listing of 'recommended reading' gathered from this list
> > (provided by Nat). I'm not sure if this will be a permanent place for
> > this link, but for now you can get it here. If i left out a book or if
> > you have a new suggestion you can contact me or post it here and I will
> > add them as soon as i can.
> >
> >
>Introduction to Algorithms
>By: Cormen, Thomas H. / Leiserson, Charles E. / Et Al. / McGraw-Hill
>ISBN: 0070131430
>Fatbrain says they cannot get this book but to see at ISBN 0262031418
>It seems to be the same book but has a higher price and
>(Mit Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Series) appended
>to the title.

That second ISBN is the one off the copy I got a month or so ago. Ran ~$80 


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