On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 10:03:23PM -0400, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:

> > were you the guy in the front who heckled every 5 mins :-P

> I was in the front, but I was not heckling.
> IIRC, there were a number of people in the front making comments.  This may
> have looked like it was just one person from far back.
> I didn't say or do anything until towards the end, when Larry said:
>   "And some people even submitted RFCs describing conflicting ideas."
> At which point, Larry singled me out, and put my two conflicting RFCs on the
> screen, and some interaction occurred between me and Larry.  But, that's the
> extent of my alleged "heckling".
> If Larry felt heckled by me, I hereby apologize profusely.  It was not my
> intent to heckle, but since I got singled out, I did comment.

Uhm, my "flame" was meant funny (well ...), hence the smiley -> :-P

I apologize if you misunderstood that. Maybe 'heckle' was as well the
wrong word (I got it from a dictionary :) ). For my part, your (and the
others') interaction made the talk even livelier and gave me the
relieving feeling that there weren't only Linux zealots, but "serious
Perl people" in the crowd.

Btw, the funniest thing I ever saw at a talk was that, as time had run
up, they "shut Larry down" by turning off the stage light so that he
stood in the dark.
As for my part, I would have enjoyed another hour of Larry :(
Additionally, he had yet a lot of other points to comment on.


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