Jorg Ziefle wrote:

> Uhm, my "flame" was meant funny (well ...), hence the smiley -> :-P
> I apologize if you misunderstood that. Maybe 'heckle' was as well the
> wrong word (I got it from a dictionary :) ). For my part, your (and the
> others') interaction made the talk even livelier and gave me the relieving
> feeling that there weren't only Linux zealots, but "serious Perl people"
> in the crowd.

Sorry, it appears that I did misunderstand.  "Heckle" did see a bit strong
for what happened, with or without a smiley.  ;)

I am perhaps over-sensitive about the whole thing because my RFCs got
singled out which was embarrassing.  (But completely warranted; my RFCs were
the exact example of what Larry was talking about).

Of course, I was fortunately in the dark and the people around me couldn't
see my face turn bright red.  ;)
> Btw, the funniest thing I ever saw at a talk was that, as time had run up,
> they "shut Larry down" by turning off the stage light so that he stood in
> the dark.

Yeah, it was unfortunate that he got cut short.  I thought that it would
have probably been a good idea to plan a Perl BoF that Larry could have led
so we could have heard more, but the BoF board was so full at the
conference, it didn't seem like it was feasible.  :(

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