Comparing the perl6-language and the perl5-porters simply doesn't fly.
It's not even comparing apples and oranges, it's like comparing
a busy market place and a faculty lunch.

In the first case we are talking about a crowd of people most of which
do not know each other, do not know what the people how to offer, do
not not whether to trust the snake oil dealer, whether the pumpkins
being sold are fresh or rotten, whether the trinkets of the eloquent
short brawny fellow with pieces of cork hanging from his hat really
are gold, whether to avoid the two people bargaining over the price
camel hot dog or to join them, and so on.  A busy mayhem, lost of
people hawking their wares, lots of people buying them, haggling over
them, laughing at false premises, lots of fun.  There maybe a lot noise
but it's undirected and can be safely ignored for the most part.  

In the second case we are talking about people that have been doing
together the same thing for a long time.  They know what has been
attempted in the past, they know the existing art, they each know
their each own piece of the lore.  But they also know each other well,
maybe too well, how to tick each other off, resulting in some megaton
class lambasting once in a while.  They have developed strong opinions
over the years and they have their own agendas, and things they care
deeply about.

Now, could we please move on with more constructive discussion of what
to do in the futurepas Nat requested?

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