At 09:30 PM 11/3/00 +0000, Simon Cozens wrote:
>On Fri, Nov 03, 2000 at 04:42:34PM -0500, Stephen P. Potter wrote:
> > Not to mention "revisionist history".  There were any number of uncourteous
> > voices during the RFC process.
>Exactly. Dan, weren't you the very person who had to tell people on more
>than one occasion to grow up and behave like adults?

Yup. And, amazingly enough, they did. :-P

This is a rather important thing, as community building is concerned. 
Explicit expectations of behaviour are a *good* thing, assuming it doesn't 
get tyrannical. I'm not talking about the occasional outburst--everyone has 
bad days, and sooner or later just about everyone's going to flip out in 
public. (I fully expect at some point I shall go embarrassingly ballistic 
for all to see :) That's OK. But what we as a community should do is 
decide, generally or exactly, what is and isn't acceptable.

"Act politely and professionally" is certainly a good one. "Behave better 
than my 5 year old son" is another. "Assume the other party's not a native 
english speaker" is a good third.

Anyone think others are needed?


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