>>>>> "DS" == Dan Sugalski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

DS> At 03:34 AM 11/15/00 +0000, David Grove wrote:
>> I'm on announce, I believe... I didn't get anything. (Internals seems like
>> a poor place to make than announcement.) How do I check to see that ezmlm
>> hasn't unsubscribed me from announce when my server was down last week for
>> a couple of days? It's read-only, so I can't test-post to it, and I'm not
>> up on ezmlm grammar. Just [EMAIL PROTECTED] with a help/help?

DS> It's always safe to resubscribe. You'll get an error message if you're on 
DS> already.

I just stick with -all, and let the filter take care of the rest.

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