Today around 11:06am, David Grove hammered out this masterpiece:

: Does brainbench still have free tests for Perl? Maybe that's
: something to look into, and maybe since it's a purely volunteer
: effort if they are now charging for their perl tests, they might
: make an exception... I'll look into that and wait for a response
: about that one from here.

I have a piece of paper hanging in my works space from brainbench that
says I am a "Master Perl Programmer" however, where the core is
concerned, I can't consider myself a 'master'.  Perhaps in other areas
but not in the one concerning us now.  Not to mention, I have a hard
time putting value to that test.

: It would at least give an idea of perl skill level...

In could.

: possibly be useful for c too.

>From my experiences, you can know c and still have a hard time with
the perl core.  But that's just mho.

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