At 02:39 PM 12/6/00 -0500, Bryan C. Warnock wrote:
>Dan outlined rev 2 of the RFC process, PDD (Perl Design Docs).
>Everything seems rather specific to internals - will there be a separate
>mechanism in place for all-things non-internal, say, for instance, the format
>for a non-internal mechanism mirroring the PDD?

Well, until Larry releases the spec, just about everything else is frozen, 
though we can certainly expand the PDD stuff to include the standard 
library, documentation, and QA stuff. (It seems a tad premature to be 
proposing language changes when we neither have a final language spec nor 
an implementation of that spec...) PDDs don't have to be all internal--I 
changed the name to deal with the confusion with the IETF's RFCs. (We were 
fast creeping up on the active RFC range)


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