> This is much harder than doing the Perl 5 summaries, because I have to
> watch over a lot more things. I'd appreciate some help; if you feel this
> is a useful exercise and you can spare about an hour a week, please get
> in touch with me and I'll tell you how you can help me. Alternatively, I
> seem to recall that there was some idea that the working group chairs
> would produce their own summaries of what we're doing. Is this still
> meant to happen, or was that just for the RFC phase?

It also sounds like a good task for the PAWBs[1] - perhaps as contributors 
while you handle the editing?

[1] See the massive thread starting at 
http:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg00584.html

BTW, lead from the front, so I'll volunteer.
Bryan C. Warnock

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