> While I'm not in a position to rush Larry, we are starting in on the bits 
> of the internals that we can do without much input from him. It's slow 
> going (mainly because we've been waiting) but it has started.

well, I don't think that anyone should be in the position to 'rush' anyone else,
but like I said, it would be helpful to have a liason between him and the 
outside world. That's what PR is - a buffer between a person doing important 
things and the rest of the world, someone who can let him/her do what needs to 
be done and prevents the world thinking that the project is stalling.

And its a short step from the world *thinking* that the project is stalling and 
the project actually stalling.

Look, I've said my peace... I guess we shall just have to see what happens.


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