On Sun, Feb 11, 2001 at 07:13:30PM -0500, Adam Turoff wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 11, 2001 at 05:03:12PM +0000, Simon Cozens wrote:
> > There's obvious FUD out there and we don't seem to be giving the impression of
> > getting much done, or doing anything to counter it. 
> Let's be fair.  We're not getting much done, and that's a *GOOD* thing.
> Language design is a very tough nut to crack, and we decided (as
> a group) that we don't want a language designed by committee, we
> want a languaged designed by Larry.  The best we can do (frustrating
> as it may be) is to let him think deeply.

Wasn't he meant to be keeping us up to date with snippets of what he's
doing/thinking about?  I recall Nat posting a couple of months ago that
he'd talked to Larry and Larry had said he'd do this.


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