--- Johan Vromans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As an active non-smoker, I'd appreciate a different
> -- Johan

I don't mean to be rude, but what does this have to do
with Perl?  How many times must worthwhile projects
break down because people start to allow bickering and
irrelevancies to dominate?  We are all here (at least
I think) because we love Perl.

If I were a fundamentalist Christian, would it be
right for me to complain about Tolkein quotes buried
in the Perl source code on the grounds that they
offend my personal beliefs?

Personally, I have problems with smokers, too.  But I
think that "smokers" was merely intended to be
humorous and I am not so thin-skinned that I can't
deal with it.  

Please, please do not start a trend of allowing people
to start objecting to things because they offend their
sensibilities.  If someone wants to complain that a
particular feature of the regexp engine (for example)
is improperly implemented, that's okay.  That's about
Perl and making it better.  Complaining about
"smokers" does nothing.

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