abigail [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
*>What are you suggesting here? God doesn't like elves?  There's no place
*>in heaven for hobbits? Everyone is equal in the face of God, except
*>dwarves? Christ doesn't wash the feet of trolls? Jesus didn't die so
*>Gollums sins could be forgiven?

People haggle over words when they've run out of better things to
haggle over.
             -- Larry Wall in <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Being a smoker is the closest thing to being a leper without being a
leper one can get. People are already being denied transplants and other
heathcare if they happen to be smokers. Soon, I imagine they'll do the
same for the overweight/obese, the chronically inactive and other such
illnesses. Holy Fire by Bruce Sterling is recommended reading.

Smoking evokes a lot of strong feelings in people either due to the loss
of a loved one, allergies to said smoke, etc. It's more addictive than
heroin, smells bad, aids motility and is smashing with coffee, but it
isn't something one wishes to encourage anymore than too much Perl hacking
into the wee hours. 

Schwern, change the name pretty please and let's all find a better war 
to wage eh? :)


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