On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 02:43:14PM -0800, Peter Scott wrote:
> At 05:30 PM 2/20/01 -0500, Dan Sugalski wrote:
> >At 02:15 PM 2/20/2001 -0700, Nathan Torkington wrote:
> >>Bryan C. Warnock writes:
> >> > Ask, all, are we reusing perl6-rfc as the submittal address, or will there
> >> > be a new one (perl-pdd)?
> >>
> >>I'm in favour of renaming to reflect the new use of the list.  Dan?
> >
> >I've been thinking since I sent my last mail on this that we might 
> >actually want to leave the two (PDD & RFC) separate. Keep on with the RFCs 
> >for 'external' things,...
> I suggest that we clearly delineate the RFCs which were pre-deadline from 
> the ones that are post-deadline.  The advantage to having the original 
> deadline was that it motivated many of us to get off our butts and fish or 
> cut bait.  If we're going to continue this process now, I move that:
> New RFCs be numbered starting from 1000 (easiest way to denote the difference);
> Old RFCs are frozen, and that means frozen.  I have no idea how far Larry's 
> got on digesting them and I really don't want to try and interfere with 
> something that could be making its way down his small intestine.  People 
> should be free to write new RFCs that contradict older ones, or head off on 
> some tangent, but please let's not keep refining the old ones, enough is 
> enough.

Strongly agreed.

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