This is a long shot, but here goes.

I was thinking about Perl 6 this morning while jogging (blithely ignoring 
the forest scenery).  It occurred to me that what appears to be emerging as 
the new language embodies bigger changes than I ever anticipated - which is 
great, software should improve with time.  And so I found myself wondering 
whether the title does it justice.  Perl 6 is looking to me almost like an 
entirely new language.  The change from Perl 5 to Perl 6 is much, much 
larger than the change from Perl 4 to Perl 5 (virtually all Perl 4 code ran 
unmodified under Perl 5).

So, I wonder aloud, do we want to signify that degree of change with a more 
dramatic change in the name?  Still Perl, but maybe Perl 7, Perl 10, Perl 
2001, Perl NG, Perl* - heck, I don't know, I'm just trying to get the 
creative juices flowing.  I do believe that the tremendous effort that is 
going into Perl 6 deserves more attention than I think it will get with 
that title.

At some point, the Perl 6 cognomen will have attracted enough inertia that 
we couldn't reasonably change it even if we wanted to.  Maybe that time has 
already come.  Maybe not.  Can't hurt to raise the question.
Peter Scott
Pacific Systems Design Technologies

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