At 11:11 PM 5/10/01 +0100, Simon Cozens wrote:
>On Thu, May 10, 2001 at 04:41:09PM -0400, David Grove wrote:
> > > Anywhere else? :)
> > FreeBSD comes to mind, among others.
>Hm. You initially restricted your survey to commercial vendors, but now
>you are moving the goalposts.
> > Can we get back to the subject now?
>Certainly. The subject was whether or not Perl 5.6.x has been taken
>up by the industry.

Sigh.  Do I dare wade back in?  But the voices in my head won't stop :-)

With respect - and I do mean that - the subject as I started it was, Is 
"Perl 6" the most appropriate title for what we discuss here and what brave 
people like yourself will be implementing?  If it's at all possible to 
discuss that without devolving into tangential political debates, I'd like 
to do so.
Peter Scott
Pacific Systems Design Technologies

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