On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 11:14:57AM -0700, Dave Storrs wrote:
> afraid of, and to express your concerns about it.  However, the way that
> you chose to do that ("Once quick and dirty dies, Perl dies.") implies
> that the only thing that Perl is good for is q-n-d

A veritable lesson in logic! Here's an equivalent statement.
    "Once all the oxygen suddenly disappears from the atmosphere, 
humanity is wiped out".

That naturally suggests that the only thing humanity is good for is is
respiring oxygen, right? And it's an almost *exactly* equivalent statement,
because it's almost as likely that Perl will stop being good for quick 'n'
dirty stuff as all the oxygen dropping out of the atmosphere.

<Twofish> Pokemon seems an evil concept. Kid hunts animals, and takes
them from the wild into captivity, where he trains them to fight, and
then fights them to the death against other people's pokemon. Doesn't
this remind you of say, cock fighting?

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