Stephen P. Potter writes:
> It seems to me that recently (the last two years or so) and
> especially with 6, perl is no longer the SAs friend.  It is no
> longer a fun litle language that can be easily used to hack out
> solutions to problems.  It is now (becoming) a full featured
> language, quite at the expense of its heritage.

And yet there are a zillion programs from perl4 and earlier that still
work in perl5.  In what way can you not use Perl to solve sysadmin
problems or hack out fun solutions to problems?  I do those two things
all the time.

> When we moved from 4 to 5, so people thought we should continue
> developing 4 without all the "useless" new stuff, like OO and
> threads and etc.  I wonder more and more if they weren't right.  I
> wonder if as 6 develops if we shouldn't split off the old 4 syntax
> and have two languages.

If you want to do it, do it.  I vomit at the thought of a language
without data structures or modules, though, and I wouldn't be
surprised if others did too.

The perl6 runtime will be separate from the language parser, so you
could write a perl4 parser to run on the perl6 runtime if you wanted
to be so perverse.


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