On Fri, May 18, 2001 at 12:55:55PM -0400, Stephen P. Potter wrote:
> Atoms- Unicode.  If everything is Unicode, you're going to have to grok
> Unicode (at least tangentally) to be able to use perl.

Bah. Rubbish, no more than you need to grok Unicode to use Perl 5.6.
Do you know what data of yours 5.6 is storing in Unicode? No.
Do you care? No. Do you need to? No.

All filenames in Windows 2000 are, I'm told, in Unicode now; I don't
*think* that means that anyone who wants to use Windows 2000 has to
grok Unicode.

[It is] best to confuse only one issue at a time.
                -- K&R

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