Adam Turoff [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
*>This is the issue in a nutshell.  Let's not mix business issues
*>with technical ones.  Let's not mix cluster management with simple
*>end-user installation.  Let's not mix businesses losing millions
*>by the microsecond with the guy who just wants his little website
*>to just *work*. [*]

P5P was created because....Perl sucked to get it installed on many
platforms. If Java sucks to install on some boutique/niche platforms it
could mean that a) noone has told them about the issues or b) noone in the
FreeBSD/Linux world has taken it upon themselves to care enough to love it
and see it through to make it work. What's the 'little guy' using Java for
anyway since Open Source supposedly should have revolutionised the choices
for them by now.

Where would Perl on VMS be without Peter Prymmer? etc?

The issue behind platform selection and support is that since Sun is a
company out to make money, it's going to choose the ones that will reach
the most interested paying customers. Some would even say that makes a
certain amount of business sense, especially in an economy where tech
profits are drying up.

Java has no platform angels in the corporation or out in the field most
likely. It doesn't have to mean it sucks rather it is a function of it's

*>Personally, I don't really care what my support options are at 4am,
*>who I can pay to rouse out of bed, or whose pager I can pay to
*>page.  I want technology that works, not technology with a glitzy
*>sales presentation and more hype than the Beatles.  

Probably because you aren't a Sysadmin called to fix something a developer
broke who doesn't wear a pager and doesn't answer the phone at 4am so you
are left with fixing the cryptic code yourself or calling support. 

It's not about hype, it's about time. 

Linux used to be a real bitch to install on non-supported hardware too,
especially the esoteric and the new. You learned to buy supported hardware
or live with waiting for a driver. The same could be said for the FreeBSD
and even Solaris on Intel. It takes time.

*>There are always improvements to be made, even with Perl.  But where
*>we are today, Perl doesn't suck.

For you. It probably does suck for some people which is why we should be
glad that there are so many platforms and other languages to choose from.
If something sucks, use something else.

After losing yet another platform, Alpha, this week I would think that we
should cherish every bit of diversity in computing we can get.


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