Jonathan Scott Duff wrote:

> Perhaps.  But I believe that all of the modules provided as part of
> the standard perl distribution should have both procedural and OO
> interfaces where possible. does this in the best way the
> author knew how.  In perl 6 we'll (hopefully!) have Damian Conway's
> want() that'll make it a little easier  :-)

I sure hope not!

There's a reason people use objects - if only to give the user a handle
to wrap the module's state. Any module that supports both OO and
procedural usage is basically a singleton - only one instance exists at
any one time (at least in procedural mode).  For most modules, this
doesn't and shouldn't make sense.

IMHO, what the CGI module should have done is to (a) force people to use
OO mode or (b) split into a procedural and an OO module, possibly
generated from a common source code.  Supporting both at run-time is


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