On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Hildo Biersma wrote:

> Persoanlly, I think both CGI.pm and File::Spec should be OO modules.

And I think CGI.pm should be procedural module :-). (I have no experience
with File::Spec, so can't comment on it.) I think OO is sometimes
overdone. I don't always want to have to instantiate an object just to
call a method when it's not obvious why this method couldn't just be a
normal subroutine.

> Having said that, I would not mind CGI.pm being a procedural front-end
> to an CGI::Object module - I'd just use the latter.

And I would use the former. And ISTR a rumour that said that Lincoln Stein
prefers or recommends the procedural method, even though the docs use OO

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