From: Dan Sugalski [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Also don't discount the possibility that your perl code uses,
> say XML::Simple and calls Python code that uses the namespace
> equivalent of XML::Simple (however you do that in Python) and
> thus you have a collision that way too.

Don't discount the chance of:
o  Perl5,  Inline, 0.43, Brian Ingerson
o  Ruby,   Inline, 0.43, Brian Ingerson
o  Python, Inline, 0.43, Brian Ingerson

Sure there'd theoretically be no reason for an author to port a version of
their module to each language once PARROT exists. But I'm pretty sure Brian
Ingerson at least has mentioned a desire to port Inline to Ruby. And Perl6
is going to support reusing all those old Perl5 modules right?

Which brings to mind that however Perl6 interacts with Perl5 modules, it'll
have to support modules which might not have a $VERSION or $AUTHOR.

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