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> >
> > Also don't discount the possibility that your perl code uses,
> > say XML::Simple and calls Python code that uses the namespace
> > equivalent of XML::Simple (however you do that in Python) and
> > thus you have a collision that way too.
>Don't discount the chance of:
>o  Perl5,  Inline, 0.43, Brian Ingerson
>o  Ruby,   Inline, 0.43, Brian Ingerson
>o  Python, Inline, 0.43, Brian Ingerson

In that case you'd probably end up using the same module in all three 
cases. I can see the system forcing only a single module with a particular 
module/author/version combo in the Parrot tree.

>Which brings to mind that however Perl6 interacts with Perl5 modules, 
>it'll have to support modules which might not have a $VERSION or $AUTHOR.

That's up to Larry. I'm not sure what the plans are there.


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