Ah, perfect example Daniel. I know people say things like "Java is
better for big projects because of the strictness of it's typing". I
respond that Perl isn't intrinsically sloppy if you practice good
coding, it just doesn't straightjacket you into that all the time.

So here's Perl 6 and it has lovely typing! Yay. I can now say "$foo is
Scalar;" but erm, that's optional. To get the benefit you must still
hope for developer self-discipline (my day-job is maintaining and
refactoring other people's Perl, so I may be a teensy bit bitter about
relying on developer self-discipline).

Is there something in Perl 6 akin to a "use strict" switch that will
apply the straightjacket some projects need, and thus force typing of
all variables. (Then I could have a good comeback for those damned
Java guys.)


On 24/05/06, Daniel Hulme <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> what problems Perl 5 has that Perl 6 fixes

A type system to die for.

I think that is enough of a win on its own that mentioning any of the
other features will only muddy the issue :->

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