"Michael Mathews" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> So my question to the list is, in simple terms even an IT manager
> could grasp, explain what problems Perl 5 has that Perl 6 fixes,
> such that they would want to undergo the pain of ever switching.

>From a Perl point of view: there should be no pain.
At least that's a stated goal.

>From a manager point of view: it's as use(ful|less) as ever to decide
for a language independently of the problem to solve. If Perl5 does
the job, stick with it. If Perl6 helps you somewhere, use it. If
Visual Basic solves your problem because it's already built into the
problem, just use it.

Perl5 is already gluey enough to not force you into a decicion for
*the only one* technology. Perl6 shouldn't change that.

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