> From: Amir E. Aharoni
> There was so much talk about perl6 wiki, that i couldn't follow
> it anymore.
> Is there a currently working wiki where actual perl6 documentation can
> be read/written?

Not that I know of, at least not in the sense of being a widely-accepted and
presently-active focal point of such activity.
> Is it http://perl.net.au/wiki/ ? It doesn't seem to be very full
> of info ...

No one has come up with a better alternative, AFAIK. There seems to be
substantial reluctance to use anything that isn't Perl-based and isn't a
semi-ultimate venue.

If someone put an existing Perl-based Wiki on (say) feather (a Perl 6
development machine), that might be sufficiently widely appealing to take
off, usage-wise. Juerd has a perl6 URL that he offered for the Perl6
implementation of a Perl6 Wiki that he might be willing to make available
for such an interim Wiki. 

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Conrad Schneiker

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