2006/8/3, Matt Todd <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
I'll be honest, I was willing to put in some effort for something
substantial and original, but I'm not too keen on just remaking or
porting an old solution.


Just in case i am misunderstood - i'm not talking about the platform,
i'm talking about content. If there is content, it can be later
converted to any great Perl 6 CMS - that's what we have Perl for in
the first place.

I just think that the Exegeses and the Synopses can grow much faster in a wiki,
even if the platform is not too cool initially.
(MediaWiki is good enough for me.)

I'd gladly write documentation for Perl 6, but unfortunately i don't
know it (yet) half as well as Perl 5. If there was a functioning wiki,
i'd make at least small contributions, though ....

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