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> But I want to start doing real things. Which for me requires gui toolkits.


> So how to write an application in perl6 that uses (for the sake of
> illustration) WxWidgets?
> For simplicity, just a small window with "Hello World", a button "cool"
> that adds text to the window", and a button "Be gone!" to kill the window.
> Can, in fact, pugs do the following?


> Presumably, we write a perl6 program that has some perl5 in it that 
> instantiates the objects using WxPerl.
> Then we switch to perl6 scripting.


> Some examples would help me understand how to get perl6 working to do
> the things I want to do with it.

I'm interested in the same thing. In addition, I'm also even more interested
in getting the same sorts of questions answered for using Mozilla (Firefox)
GUI technology stuff such as XPCOM, XUL, and so on.

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