Richard Nabil Hainsworth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> But I want to start doing real things. Which for me requires gui
> toolkits.
> I have used Tk with perl5 and I am looking at WxWidgets.
> WxWidgets (and the more commercial Qt) exist as C++ classes,
> although WxPerl is a set of wrappers around WxWidgets for perl5.
> So how to write an application in perl6 that uses (for the sake of
> illustration) WxWidgets?

I don't think there's a big knowledge base beside what the current
Pugs hackers know.

But if I were you, I would start a small step before, especially with
experimenting with the "use perl5:Some::Lib;"-features and generally
the current ways of intermixing Perl5 and Perl6.

I would love to see a "Pugs Use Perl5 - First Blood" article
somewhere, made from users for users. It's on my personal TODO list
too and I will help you with experimenting, but I'm currently, erm,
well, occupied with @otherstuff ("the same excuse as every year").

If you start experimenting and writing down something, expect me to
follow you.

If we know and document something in an easy understandable form,
wxWidgets or any other lib can be the next step.

Steffen Schwigon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Dresden Perl Mongers <>

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