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> Conrad Schneiker wrote:
> > Hopefully someone at The Perl Foundation (perl.org) will read and
> respond to
> > this.
> >
> > (Other comments and suggestions are certainly welcome, however.)
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> I'm not suggesting that PerlNet ( http://perl.net.au/ ) become the One
> True P6 Wiki, although I'd be delighted if it did.  However I am eager
> for PerlNet to improve as much as possible.
> What I am curious to know is how could PerlNet better meet your needs,
> and the needs of the Perl community.  I'm gathering that two things high
> on the list are:
>       * Official endorsement of The Perl Foundation (including
>         linkage from perl.org)

Yes. (Or endorsement by @Larry.) My guess is that something like this is
necessary to overcome the past reluctance of others to use *any* of the
previously suggested, currently existing wikis.

>       * Synchronisation between the wiki and svn.

That's not a critical requirement for me (because I don't know how
{feasible, reliable, manageable} it would be at present), but I certainly
think that would be an awesomely cool and extremely useful feature to have.

> Is there anything else?

I think that does it.

> I'm certainly NOT after any money here.  I'm after ways to make PerlNet
> more valuable to the community.
> Many thanks, and all the very best,


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