Yes. (Or endorsement by @Larry.) My guess is that something like this is
necessary to overcome the past reluctance of others to use *any* of the
previously suggested, currently existing wikis.

Right on.

Currently the Parrot PDD's say that the docs that must be written in
POD, even though XML (or HTML for that matter) has its advantages (see
parrot/trunk/docs/pdds/pdd00_pdd.pod ). It also welcomes contributions
and even says "Think of them as Wiki pages, but without the HTML" (see
parrot/trunk/docs/pdds/README ; it was written in 2001). I already
started submitting patches to it, which is indeed almost-wiki, but
well-done deployment in a nicely-designed wiki site with Web2.0-style
eye-candy, can do a lot of good publicity and make the synopses
develop faster - instead of making people go through the hoops of
installing SVN, submitting patches through RT etc.

Of course some people can say that those hoops are a good anti-vandal
measure ...

And by the way - *maybe i am missing something*, but is there a plan
for the final outline of Perl 6 documentation which will (?) come with
the default installation? The current Perl 6 "Synopsis \d{1,2}" name
format carries no information about the contents. I like the Perl 5
style - perlperl, perlrun, perlfaq\d, perlfunc etc. It may seem a
little weird to beginners, but is easy once they get used to it; plus
it's a good tradition.

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