Mark Summersault asked what the license for this Wiki is going to be.

Below is what I plugged in for the time being. It's my best guess of what
the leading lights of #perl6 and @Larry would be reasonably happy with (and
thus it should also be appropriate for something eventually living on or

Copyright and License
  * (c) 2006 under the same (always latest) license(s) used by 
    the Perl 6 /src branch of the Pugs trunk. 
  * See for the latest details.
  * See the "GPL-2", "Artistic-2.0b5", and "MIT" files in for
    the full license texts.

> # FYI. The note below was originally posted on perl.perl6.users.
> #      Thought some folks here should also be interested in this.
> #
> # Background:
> #
> #
> # "Announcing the Perl 6 and Parrot wiki workspaces"
> #
> #
> # > From: Andy Lester [mailto:andy[at]]
> #
> # > I'm working with Ask about doing something
> # > at in the next week or two.
> I’ve just finished a big update to the Perl 6 Workplace Wiki. It got big
> enough that I started splitting it into subsidiary pages. The main page is
> still pretty long, but I’ve added a table of contents to make it easier to
> find things on it.
> Please give it a look, and please add useful stuff to it.
>    # Main page.

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