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> During YAPC::EU, we lauched our plans for CPAN6, which is targeted
> to replace CPAN.  It is needed because we can not maintain all
> new related languages in one name-space.
> Is it possible to list our website (cpan6.org) together with
> Parrot as major related projects?   Probably Tim Bunce's
> work in progress for DBI-on-Parrot needs to be there as well.

Yes. (Actually, you could have done this yourself, but I was already making
several other additions.)

By the way, I want to encourage you and others to post Wiki-related
questions directly to perl.perl6.users, where anyone who is interested can
respond or do something. That's why I'm also replying to the mail list. I'm
just a big Perl 6 Wiki proponent, but not {a manager, moderator, expert,
admin, or anything like that}.

Anyway, please see:
This page now provides an overview of CPAN6.
Since this is a public Wiki, you and your friends can add whatever you want
here. (There is a very simple one-time registration process to get started.)

And see "Related Projects" at:
This now links to the above page, and to cpan6.org. 

And see "Other Parrot projects (not language-specific)" at:
This now mentions Tim Bunce's DBI-on-Parrot.

Other items of interest (to the mail list):

Dave Rolsky made a great start at reorganizing the following page:
Anyone else care to follow up?

I've added a section on "Upcoming Perl 6-Related Events" under "The Latest
Perl 6 Info" on the Perl 6 Wiki home page:
Please add upcoming events of interest.

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker
Nano-electron-beam and micro-neutron-beam technology.

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