I was wondering if there is (or there should be) a documentation on how to elegantly write Perl6 code.

I am afraid that when I will be starting to write Perl6 code, it will be too much Perl5-ish, and I will end up rewriting my code in every 3 months because I hate when my code is not elegant (at least to my own standards).

I was wondering that some - maybe @Larry - already have (mosf ot) Perl6 in their heads, so they could create such a document/recommendation before Perl6 gets used widely, and the coding style gets "distorted".

Or shall we just leave this to the community? Maybe this documentation shouldn't/can't be written yet? Shall we let Perl6-style grow from usage in 1-2 years, and create a guide like this then, when things mature?

- Fagzal

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